Another item in the pipeline

I realise I have been quiet lately but I have been busy making more plans for the gift range and invested a little into making a start on a new creation for your home!

I’ve already been making more of my worded papercuts in various colours which all just need mounting and framing , I’ve been busy making stock for a new shop opening that is displaying some of my jewellery and if course, still been making new pieces to add to my range online. Plus I also have some customers that have requested some commissions for jewellery and papercuts, so I have been rather a busy bee!

So with that, I will he spending my weekend in my craft room still, focussing on my commissions, whilst eagerly awaiting my new stock for the additional pieces for my gift range 🙂 I am excited to get started on that I must admit! But anyway, I must must must get back to crafting but thought I would leave you with this creation I have just made in the meantime.

This is made with non tarnish flat wire, anti tarnish wire, black glass beads and aventurine…..what d’ya think?

New items online now!

Well, its taken a long time, but I have finally uploaded lots of new items onto my website over at and have also added a couple of new headings to the ‘gift’ section too.  Theres plenty of handmade jewellery to choose from with new earrings, necklaces and bracelets added too…..

I have so many items on my site now that I am surprised I have managed to create all those things, hee hee!  But hopefully this means there is also plenty of choice, colours and styles to choose from too!  I am also happy to make items to order as well don’t forget, so if you have something in mind either for yourself or as a gift, then feel free to bear me in mind and contact me, which you do through my website or directly via email on   I am able to post to all of Europe, USA and Canada too, for a set standard p&p fee as well!

Hope you enjoy my items and as its nearly time to say it, then hope you have a lovely Valentines Day too 🙂

No control

When something is out of my control, depending on the situation, it can make me mad!  Dont get me wrong, I am not a control freak (well, maybe an titchy bit, lol!) but if it comes to something that I can do nothing about, I can find it rather frustrating and annoying.

A recent and perfect example of this is postage.  I sent 2 items in the post at the end of January which were sent as signed for post, as this is one of the most secure way to track your items of course…, I realised it may take about a week to get to where it was going, but for the last 2 days, I have been trying to track it to no avail.  Yes, I could see what had happened to it from my country, but it disappeared from any tracking systems from there on, so for 10days now, it has been AWOL!  Or so I thought anyway……..I was going out of my mind with why it had gone missing, why had it not been scanned, what has happened?  Even the postal company had no reassurances or ideas.  After a 2nd call to the postal company, it appeared that even though it said on the system it had left the country, that in actual fact it hadn’t left at all and was still waiting to leave!

Well, in some part, this was a relief to finally speak to someone who had the nonce about them to be able to delve deeper into the location of said items, but also annoyed that the online system lied and that my post has been sat around all this time not going anywhere!  And for a few days, I didn’t know if the computer was telling the truth, or the postal company which was even more frustrating!  Anyway, I decided last night to believe the man spoken too and just relax.  (By the way, I do appreciate the number of letters and parcels that go through the system and how hard it must be for the postal workers to get through it all, but when you pay for the extra service of signed for post, you also expect to be able to be told the correct information, track your item easily and rest assured that it is in the system somewhere, so you know its location at all times).

Well, again later today, I looked on the system to find there was still no more information or updates.  WHY is there no information?  So, instead of making another call, I searched for every available online postage tracker that came up on Google and put my tracking number in all of them…….every one of them came back with the same result 😦  So, what more could I do.  I just decided that, that was it – my items were lost and I would somehow have to remake each of them, if possible.  I know this may also seem like a slight over-reaction but in this particular situation, it was more sadness too, that all the time and the creations I had made, were all lost – and I couldn’t recoup that.

I left it another half hour and tried to research where my items could have got to, then just before I was about to give up again for another night, I popped back to the tracker and tried once more………AT LAST!!!  I had to pinch myself for a moment, but lo and behold, it was showing the location in the destination country (which had actually arrived in the morning, but must have literally just updated on the system).  Oh my!  I could have literally jumped for joy – I possibly even did leap into the air but was so ecstatic I cant remember!  Finally!  So although the posted items have only ever taken a week in the past, a total of 12 days later, I actually knew where they were!  I may even have to go back and check later in case I was dreaming, hee hee!  But, needless to say, panic over at last!

Now, this is just a daft example of how upsetting it can be when not in control.  But for me, in this particular situation, it wasn’t just about the not knowing, but also the time, effort and creations that I felt were all gone……

Anyway, I can have a relaxed night tonight thankfully……..AND breathe!  Well, I now still cant fully relax  until they are delivered to the door, hee hee!  But I will certainly be feeling a whole lot better thats for sure 🙂  Hope you are having a lovely relaxed evening too.x


I was watching a film the other day which was basically all about God and (mainly) Christianity.  It was pretty much a film about Theists versus Atheists and who is right or wrong, but it was (in my opinion) about steering the audience towards God and the Christian religion.  I do have a religion of sorts.  I do not attend a church, although I do say the odd prayer.  I do not follow a particular religion, although I have a little faith in the fact that there are a few people, or main person ‘up there’ that look after us once we have passed.  I have my own faith if you like, in that our souls continue after our body is gone.  But I don’t preach anything to anyone and I don’t ask anyone to think how I choose to think and feel.  The same as if you are a taoist, buddha, hindu or follow any faith/religion, I would not say anyone is right or wrong – more that each individual chooses to either believe or not believe, follow or not follow, worship one god or a number of gods……to me, it makes no difference.  Everyone is unique and individual and are free to think and feel how they like.  But I do have an interest in all religions and so if the conversation comes up, I listen, ask questions and am interested.

Now, this sort of film is great if you are a follower of that faith as I am sure it would be a great feel good film and give you a complete and wholesome feeling and whilst it did give a ‘sort of’ argument for the atheist people out there, it wasn’t really a great argument – more a protest if you like.  But I think if there is going to be a film about this, then really it should be a more fair argument…..and to be honest, I did not like the text at the end, which was effectively asking people to follow the faith and ‘pass on the message’.  Now, to me, faith is about choice……..I have actually tried the Christian religion – it was may years ago now but I was 15, was hanging around with a kid that was hugely religious and his family were all Christian’s and I wanted to feel like I belonged as they all seemed so close and loving, as if they had a simple life – and so I wanted to have that experience.  I wanted to feel what it was like to be part of a group that had faith.  A group that seemed to be caring and kind, gentle and giving.  Besides, I wanted to learn more about this faith on my own.  I was also in the Girls Brigade for a number of years growing up and we through this brigade, we learnt about the practicalities of life, discipline, respect, team spirit and also had bible studies……so its not something that I was entirely new to.

But anyway, I wanted to see what ‘true’ Christianity was all about.  My mum, even though not a follower of this religion, allowed me to be free to choose.  As it should be.  However, really, I was in actual fact heavily influenced by this particular kid and their family, as they were ALWAYS trying to get others to attend church with them and ‘mini’ preaching I suppose.  Little hints about seeing what it was like and so on.  And, yes, if it wasnt for them, I wouldn’t have gone at all.  Bearing in mind, that since I was a little girl, I was brought up to believe in spirits and had many experiences with them too, of which is a totally different story and one I won’t go into……but I thought, why not.  Lets see what its all about – lets see if I enjoy it and can believe in something else.

So, I went along to church with them.  The first service I attended was the most intriguing and it was full of stories, teaching morals and standards all wrapped up in metaphors and grandious stories, part mythical, part biblical I suppose.  But being young, it gripped me and sitting in that church with all those people made me feel special.  It made me feel like I was part of a huge gang if you like, all joined together and loving the same God and it got me.  It really got me.  As a youngster, I felt that I had finally found something I could belong to.  So, I carried on attending and even went to their after school club where you would go on adventures in small groups and be given clues and end up following those clues to local areas I had never seen before where there were stone/marble crosses in a field I had never seen and where once found, you would read the story about it and move on with the next clue.  Again, all intriguing stuff to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I would go home and feel loved.  I dont mean by my mum, as that was a given.  I felt loved through an unseen power of connection and belonging. Its an odd feeling to try to describe, but one that kept me pulled in to the church and the faith.  What broke it????  Well, I started to see things a little differently after the first couple of months.  It started to feel to me like I was BEING pulled.  Being hooked in to the grid if you like and I didn’t like it.  It started to feel too intense.  I was in 2 minds then as one part of me was saying, ‘feel all this love, belonging and unity’ and the other was saying ‘but it doesn’t feel right’.  Perhaps it just wasn’t right for me?  Or perhaps it just felt wrong all round?  But I started to see cracks in people.  It was as if people HAD to be kind.  HAD to be giving.  HAD to be nice.  It wasn’t through their own choice, but more because you had to be that sort of person to be accepted by God.  But that got me thinking……God is said to have basically created us all, given us our own minds and will.  So, I suppose I questioned, if we are all Gods children, why do we have to almost be clones of eachother?  Why must all of us act the same way and think the same thing?  So I guess the doubts started creeping in and some of the church stories started to make me ask more questions as opposed to just believing every lesson that was taught and everything that was told.  Many say the same thing about ‘if there is a God, why is there pain, suffering, cancer and other diseases’ and so on.  The questions are answered in their own way, but it didn’t make me feel it was the right answer, as I still had more questions after that, that their didn’t seem to be an answer for.  And going back to feeling people HAD to do or be a certain way, the thing that to me, proved it, was when it was this kids sisters 18th birthday party.  For weeks she was getting excited about it and kept saying how big it was going to be and how there would be loads of people.  Then the big day came.  The grand party at their house.  I got there an hour or so before the party was due to start.  There was a lovely buzz around the house, the food was being laid out on the table, the barbie was in full swing and the music was on and once again, a loving atmosphere and all was good.  Then the phone started ringing.  I thought it was friends and family just saying happy birthday, or checking what to wear and so on……but no, it was numerous phone calls with minor excuses as to why they wouldn’t be going.  Some even turned up on the doorstep and I was thinking, brilliant, at last someone else to join in the party…..but no, it was to turn up on the doorstep with a card or present and apologise they couldn’t come in.  I felt absolutely mortified for her.  This poor girl whose 18th it was and nobody except me, her brother and parents were going to be there.  She ended up in tears.  Everyone she had invited didnt bother to show or let her down.  I didnt know what to do.  I felt at a lose end.  There was nothing I could do as I didnt know her ‘friends’ at all and I didn’t want to be there in this situation where she must have been horrifyingly embarrassed.  She went to her room whilst her brother went to comfort her and her parents carried on smiling, trying to keep me there by still trying to make me feel welcome and pretending everything was ok.  Then the mother disappeared off for a while……..then she came back and said, “dont worry, I have phoned around the church and people will be here soon”.  Ok then.  She went up to see her daughter and got her to sort her face from the make up stained tears and come downstairs to wait for her new guests.

Sure enough, within the hour, the house had people at long last!  All people from the church, some neighbours and although mainly adults, there were about 10 people of our age range, there or there abouts that also came.  Now, this is all well and good and I was so pleased for her that finally she could have her party and feel good again.  She did enjoy herself!  She was having a good flirt with one guy there in particular, sitting on his lap and messing around, smiling away through the whole party.  But this did it for me.  This religion was for me, no more.

You see, for me personally – and I am not saying this in a way to sway opinions, or cause any offense what-so-ever but purely this is my experience and opinion of the total 3months experience I had of this religion……..without meaning to sound harsh, to me, it just seemed fake.  It was like everything clicked for me then at that party.  No longer did I feel part of a group or as if everything in life is wonderful if you believe.  It felt to me that people only attending because it was the right thing to do – not because they were making a choice.  It was more like, ok, if I go, then God will think I am a wonderful person.  See, I suppose if this was the other way around, I would be more embarrassed that my mum had to ring around the church to get people to my party!  I would be more embarrassed that people felt they HAD to come, rather than because it was planned and they were invitied ages ago.  And I also looked at it from the other view too…..if I was the person receiving the phone call to say ‘oh, having a party now, fancy coming for my daughters 18th?’….isnt that a little bit of an ‘afterthought’ invitation…….or did the mum admit that nobody showed to her daughters birthday and how upset she was etc etc…..a bit of a guilt trip perhaps?  Again, no choice there then, because otherwise you would be no better than everyone else that didnt attend.  So you see, I decided all the false smiles in the world were not going to save you.  They were not going to give you a trouble free life, make people like you and that no matter what you do, what will be will be, whether you believe in God or not, believe in a number of Gods, or whether you have a religion or not.  To me, it didn’t matter anymore.

Now, please dont get me wrong.  If people want to have a religion, it makes no odds to me.  Everyone is free to believe in what they want – its not up to me to judge or change peoples mind and I hope I havent caused any offence in this blog as this is certainly not my intention.  But this film got me thinking back and it made me still think the same.  Its almost as if Christians try to recruit people.  This is purely my opinion of course.  But I started thinking back to how it began as to why I attended that church with them and tried the religion, all the times before that that they had tried to get me to go…..and then the text at the end of that film about ‘following the movement’ and text everyone you know and spread the word… made me think that perhaps its not just in my head – perhaps it really is about recruiting!  But again, this brings me back to my comment at the start – should we all not be given a choice?  Why are we almost forced into that religion if you are not growing up already in a family of followers??  The same can be said of course for mormons that knock on the door.  Why is there a recruiting process???  Perhaps its me. Perhaps I just dont get it?

On a final note, if you do have a faith, then I applaud you. If it makes you feel wanted, loved and that you belong, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with having faith at all.  If it helps you deal with life with prayer, then again, fantastic.  If you must go to a particular building or do particular things and it makes you feel happy, then I am pleased for you, I really am.  But me, at least as it stands now and has done for many years, I will continue to believe in what I believe in – no recruiting, no preaching, just me and ‘my’ own faith………………………..

If you follow a religion or have your own views on faith, then I would love to hear all about it too!


Hello *waves*,

Just a little heads up that I will be spending the next few days uploading lots of new creations onto my website!  I think its going to take me a while so I may be a little quiet over the coming days, hee hee!

And dont forget that I am now shipping to ALL countries within Europe as well as the U.S.A and Canada now, yay!  For those of you in England, then I am currently still running my free postage offer on all website items too!  All you need to do is type in the ‘coupon’ area of the cart FREEUKPOSTAGE and press the save button for the discount to apply.  But if you do have any problems – please just let me know 🙂

I am hoping this year will bring the addition of a few more pieces in the gift range too…….mind you, I was hoping to add some last year but I was just so busy that I didnt get round to researching/buying in and playing, lol!  Still, may 2015 be the year of all good things to come later in the year, eh?!

So, anyway, thats it from me for a few days… keep your eyes peeled sometime next week for some newbies online and in the meantime, why not pop along to for a little look 🙂  x

Ideas factory!

Sorry I have been quiet, but I have been busy beavering away in my craft room trying to restock and create a few of my ideas in the pipeline too so I can expand the gift range on my site – even if I have only got around to a couple of those at the moment, lol!

I mentioned in a previous post about having some new things to add but I also now have another idea which means spending out some money and doing a little research, because every thing I do is all self taught.

I have always loved to use my hands and be creative since I was a little girl….whether it be writing, poetry, woodwork, jewellery, candles, painting (as in decorating as one thing I am not great at it drawing!)…. I have tried many things over the years and to be honest I love it all! Even though I am not the greatest at artwork, I can kind of do it, but I have to really, really concentrate on it and work at it….but It still never turns out how I envisage it or want it to look like, lol! With me, I have always been a more ‘hands on’ practical creator. Give me paper and pen an I can’t draw it out how I want it, but give me a desk/bench and tools/materials and away I go!! As I say, everything is a process of self learning and I prefer it this way too – always have done. Sure, I will make mistakes this way as opposed to being taught how to do things, but I learn by my mistakes and progress that way. And believe me when I say I have so many ideas buzzing away and so many things I would love to create and add to my gift range, but now a days, it’s more about the spending out to do these things and figuring out how I can ship/post out some of my ideas, lol!! But hopefully one day I will get there and in the meantime it’s just a case of adding small gifts to my range and over time, building on it slowly from there……although I am an impatient bunny too, hee hee!

Still, over the next week or so, I will be out of my craft room a little bit more as I need to get on the computer and load up all the new pieces online and let you finally see some new creations, yay!

In the meantime, this is a little peek at one idea I have, which I thought would make for a fab gift for guitar players…..You can’t see it too clearly on the photo, but it’s stamped with wording – please ignore the one on the right as the wording is too wonky, but I was playing with text layout on that one, lol! (See, making mistakes, lol) Anyway, I thought this plec (or pick) could be made into a key ring or necklace?? Do you think this would make a nice gift?


Life’s too short

As per my heading and so the well known phrase goes….I do think this is a true saying.  I think we have all been in the same boat, when we were young children and you feel like you have the whole wide world ahead of you and time seems to go so slowly and all you dream of is being a grown up.   Or was that just me?

Anyway, speaking from my own personal experience, all I can say is that I loved the freedom of my childhood.  Playing with my friends, riding our bikes, climbing trees and walls, sports in the park (yes I was a bit of a tom boy at heart) and then on every Sunday with my grandparents, I loved nothing more than pottering around in their greenhouse, doing some weeding in the garden or foraging in my grandads shed making some woodwork creations – you know, ‘daft’ things like a little lidded compartments for his odd nails and screws which I asked him to drill to the edge of his workbench, which bless him he did and he used it too 🙂   I have very fond memories of those days……..but I did always want to ‘grow up’ to have more freedom to do what adults do as it saw it back then, which was ‘they can do anything they want and go anywhere they want’.  Well, as a young child, that was my vision of it!  Also at a young age, you may meet someone that is 30 and think ‘thats really OLD!’.   Hmmm, old eh?!  But then, certainly in my childhood, things were more simple and being a child, was to be a child.  To act your age and respect those older than you – and listen to your parents.

Once I reached the grand age of 16 I thought, thats it, I can do anything I want now!  Well, again, you think you are invincible and a proper grown up!  By 18, that was it – adulthood officially!   By 21, boy do I feel old!  Which again, is ridiculous to think that back then, but I guess at 21 I dont think anyone has still really grown up.  You have only just left your teens and are just starting to really find your feet but at the same time, still partying and socialising and the such like.  Its kind of like limbo, where you are on the brink of becoming a real proper adult, but still verging on your childhood years as the memories are close by.  Again, at 21 you do feel like a proper adult and you are in a way…but its when you look back later in life that you realise how young that really still is, certainly when compared to the ‘average life span’!

I dont know about you, but once I reached 23yrs old, life felt like a roller coaster.  I dont mean in the way of ups and downs, although we all have our fair share of those in life, but rather I mean that it whizzes by and before you know it, you are getting bone clicks and pains just from bending down or standing up!  I still do think of myself as a young person but really I am sure I dont act my age – because I think as the generations go by, we all act a little younger, lol.  Or perhaps its because there is always someone older than you and so there is always that element of you that stays young?! Who knows.  All I do know, is that life is precious and we should respect that, embrace it, learn from it, pass on our knowledge and never, ever, take it for granted.

If you read one of my previous posts about having some bad news relating to a passing away, well, I am typing this because its nearly time to say the ‘official’ goodbye and also because since then, I know of 2 others where sadly their time has come too – one of which was totally unexpected, no health problems, no pains or concerns…….and hear lies my title.  Life’s too short.  You really just never know.  So whilst I type, sit and contemplate, I also say with all my heart, that I love my family and friends, I am thankful to be here, I appreciate I can enjoy making my creations and have the luxury to do so and that I cherish every day………….And I dont say this to sound ‘heavy’ – I say this in a positive way and I truly hope to spread some positivity to you too……..Cherish every moment – and enjoy it!  xx

Sneak Peek!

Well, I am pooped!  I have been holed up in my craft room allllllll day through the weekend and am finally lazying on the sofa with my cup of tea, phew!

I have been busy making a start on my new additions – I haven’t managed to do all of them of course, but I have made a few pieces of each…..I haven’t made a start on the project I am most excited about yet though, lol.  I just figured I would work on everything bit by bit and then add them to the website all in one hit – which means I will eventually have a fair few items to add, what with the other jewellery pieces to upload too.  I wish I could afford to pay someone to upload it all/take the photos/social media etc etc but nope, its all me, hee hee!  (So I must also apologise if sometimes my pictures are a bit naff as well, lol!)

Anyway, that being said, here is a little look at one of my creations this weekend……..have a lovely Sunday 🙂


New items in the pipeline….

Whilst I was off and ‘chilling’ for the Xmas period, I was also busy conjuring up some new pieces to add to my current gift range.

At the moment I have the handmade sun catchers available which look lovely and sparkly in the window when the sun shines – and I also make the papercut pictures. I do enjoy making these as u find it very relaxing using a little blade to cut words into one sheet of paper and am always trying to think up which phrases people would like in their homes…although that’s quite difficult as I often wonder why someone would want a particular framed paper art and prevent myself from making it, lol. So, just like my jewellery, I also offer a personalised service for the cuts but can basically do any wording or perhaps loving phrase in many colours. But I would love to expand on this range… if there is a known saying or phrase that you think would be a lovely paper worded art for the home, then please do comment and let me know 🙂 perhaps it will be one that I have pondered on cutting and then I will know I am in the right track, hee hee!
But anyway, I digress…..

So, I have thought up 5 new categories to create a little range with and I can’t wait to get cracking on them 🙂 I wish I could make all categories at once, lol…. But I know it will take time – it’s just I can be an impatient bunny, especially when I know what I want to do and just don’t have the time to make enough quickly….so I am going to get cracking this weekend so hopefully in the next few weeks, I can add these categories to the gift range on my web, yay! I don’t want to say what they are just yet, until they are all ready to go live.

1 category I am particularly excited about and also hope to add them into the 2 shops I display at and the majority of these will HAVE to be made to order, due to the nature of this creation….but I can’t wait to add the other 4 either, lol!

Oooh, I hope my main category add will do as well as I anticipate 🙂

I will also be adding some new jewellery creations online around this time….so by February time onwards, there should be a fair few creations being added if all goes to plan!
Excited??? Much!!

Sparkles and Shines!

Well its another wet windy day and its also still freezing!  My fingers have gone back to ice again and have been all day, even though in my day job I am tapping away on a keyboard most of the time.  Still, what can you do eh?!  I love the heat, but can’t stand the cold and so I am having a lovely ‘stodgy’ pie, mash and beans for dinner to warm up the bones 🙂

I also popped in my craft room to create some dainty earrings and to check on my new glitter pieces.  Of course, whilst its still cold, they haven’t been able to dry very well and are part dry but mainly still cold and wet themselves!  They would have normally dried by now, but I will still share a photo or two with you, even if you can’t quite see how they will eventually be, lol!

The white areas in the pendants are where it is still wet and the clear areas (the few there are) are where it is all dried out and almost done…..

So, out of all of these pendants, 3 will be making an appearance on my website and 6 of them plus the ring will be going into 2 different shops where some of my range is displayed.  The glitter pieces are in blue, red, pink, silver and gold, mixed with rhinestones and swarovski crystals, so plenty to choose from!……..Once fully dried out, the glitter will show through in all its glory and be fully sealed in too.  The ring is really the only one which is nearly ready!  Anyway, hope you like the sneak peek?  Which one is your favourite?? 🙂

Hiding so dust/air particles don’t stick to it….                                      A quick peekaboo!DSCF5027      DSCF5024
(And yes its a ferrero rocher lid – and yes, I did eat them all, but not all in one sitting, hee hee!)